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Single / Multi-apartment Video Door Phone We offers leading products in their sector, both with regard to the technology used and to their overall design. Revolutionary video quality of digital and LED technologies, guarantees a reliable and flexible individual homes & Multi-apartment Video Door Phones. And Integrated security solution for multi-apartment complexes. Video Door Phone provides easy and convenient control of visitor access restricting unauthorized entry in the premises and ensuring complete security to family and home, right at the entrance door. Solutions are perfectly combines the most advanced technology with a unique design. It is a variable communication system supporting both voice and video transmission. And all that are in analog and TCP/IP technology. The simplest form of door access control is a two way audio intercom and handset receiver between the entrance and the property owner. We can increase the sophistication and features ranging from a video entry system with full motion colour video to multiple video stations with the ability to open and lock doors, electronic gates and access to car park barriers at the touch of a button. For larger complexes our video door entry systems can be incorporated in to fully managed security access control systems with pin codes, smart cards, swipe cards, biometric fingerprints and key fob tokens, or any combination allowing you to monitor, limit access and control to areas of the building. "Biometric Card Thumb Finger Based Attendance Recording System Dealers in Gurgaon, CCTV Cameras, Lowest Price of Attendance Machine With Thumb Impression in Udyog Vihar, NCR Delhi, Gurgaon, Dealers of Biometric Attendance System, Biometric Door Access Control System Provier in Sohna Road, Manesar, Time Attendance Devices, Card & Fingerprint Door Access Control Lowest Price best Device Installation Company in Gurgaon, Sector 44, Video Door Phone System, Industrial Electronic Attendance device Biometric System, Door Access Control Device With Attendance Biometric Machine Best Price Service Provider in Saraul More, Gurgaon, Time Office Software,Payroll Software in Delhi NCR & Manesar, Gurgaon;

Professional Video Door Phone Service Provider Distributor in New Gurgaon, Offering High Quality Video Door Phon Device Installation Service in New Gurgaon,

Video Door Phone
cpplus video door phone price goodrej video door phone price hikvision video door phone price Panasonic Video Door Phone Price Smart Video Door Phone Price 7,500 - Rs. 30,500
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CP Plus HikVision HD - 2MP
cp plus cameras setup price hikvision cameras setup price
2 Cameras Price 9,500 - Rs. 13,500
4 Cameras Price 12,500 - Rs. 17,500
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Professional Video Door Phone Technicians And Services New Gurgaon - (Gurugram) :

We are dealing in range of CCTV Camera Security Products in New Gurgaon. Security requires an expert approach as the stakes are very high. One needs to be very careful while selecting security system in order to protect what matters most. Let the thing of experts be dealt by experts. There is no specific system or equipment which can satisfy all security needs. The security needs differ from organization to organization, we offer solution depending upon the needs, be it a small, large or medium organization. Just tell us your security needs; Reo Tech will bring you the best fit solution to your security needs. Best Video Door Phone, CCTV, Biometric Machine, IP CCTV Camera System in New Gurgaon

Video Door Phone Installation Near New Gurgaon

  • Various Valuable Video Door Phone Security Brands :
  • We deal in various Video Door Phone System Brands Near New Gurgaon.
  • Reo Tech is a service provider of Video Door Phone of Brands like CP Plus, Hikvision, Honeywell, Vantage, PANASONIC, Zicom, Dahua, Alba, Matrix, Advik, Secureye, Star, Eurovigil, Godrej and many more.

Video Door Phone System Repairing Service in New Gurgaon - Gurugram

Video Door Phone System Reapiring Service in New Gurgaon. You are at right place. Reo Tech is providing Video Door Phone Security System Reapir and Installation at very reasonable price in New Gurgaon. We are offering Special Discount on our Video Door Phone Security System Repair & installation in New Gurgaon and nearby area.

Best Fingerprint Attendance Device
essl k30 price essl x990 Realtime Biometric Price. 4,000 - Rs. 6,500
eSSl Biometric Price. 4,500 - Rs. 7,500
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Finger+Card with Auto Push Technology
essl k30 price essl x990 Realtime Biometric Price 5,500 - Rs. 13,500
eSSL Biometric Price 6,500 - Rs. 17,500
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BEST Video Door Phone & INSTALLATION SERVICES in New Gurgaon

  • *Reo Tech Service Provider brings to you the best Video Door Phone options & Installation services in New Gurgaon,
  • *We offer you a wide range of security solutions – Video Door Phone, IP Camera, DVR, Web based Access control, Biometric Machine, Audio door phone systems, digital keypad door locks and many more as per your requirements.
Biometric Installation Charge
biometric machine installation price Attendance Machine Installation Price 1,000 - Rs. 2,500
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CCTV Cameras Installation Charge
cctv cameras installation price
1 Cameras Installation Price 400 - Rs. 600
2 Cameras Installation Price 700 - Rs. 1,000
4 Cameras Installation Price 1,200 - Rs. 2,000
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Hiring Guide :

With increase in crime rates, everyone is vigilant about the safety and security of their homes and their loved ones. Video door phones empower your loved ones to protect themselves and your home from intruders. But how do you know which video door phone to purchase? Here’s a list of important features you must check before buying a video door phone:

  • * Touch screens – These make for a very user friendly interface and are stylish too. They are easy to use and allow for effortless operating.,
  • * Do not disturb – Want to sleep in or do work without any disturbances? This feature allows you to keep visitors away for a set period of time.
  • * Night vision – Almost all video door phones have inbuilt night vision, which allows you to view your visitors even in low light. A simple solution for round the clock protection.
  • Capture images – Video door phones now capture images of your visitors. You can use these images for future visits and record keeping.
  • Storage – Look for a video door phone that either has a high storage in terms of number of photos or at least allows you to expand the existing storage using a micro SD card. The video footage and images are stored on this memory and thus it is very important to consider the number of visitors and frequency of visits expected when deciding on which video door phone to purchase.
  • Digitized and compatibility – With increased interest in security operations, video door phones have evolved so that now they can be connected to your CCTV surveillance systems. Check to ensure your video door phone is compatible with your security systems.
  • Hands free calls – If you want to avoid wires and allow free movement, get a video door phone with hands free calls feature. Also check whether it can record calls for record keeping, if required.
  • Remote access – This allows you to grant access to visitors without coming to the door physically.
  • Extra screens – If you want the freedom to view your visitors from any room in your home, you’ll want to check whether the company allows you to purchase extra screens. You can simply buzz in a visitor from the comfort of your bedroom.
  • Protective strong body – Since the outdoor unit will have to endure all weather conditions, it is important to check whether it has the appropriate IP rating.
  • Advantages of Using Video Door Phone System Works

    • • You simply can’t deny the importance of protecting your home. At times, strangers, intruders, and salespersons are waiting at the door, and you just don’t want to open it for them. It’s at these junctures that video door phones and doorbells play the vital role. You can engage in live conversations with the person without even opening your main door. With 2-way audio communications and video conferencing facilities, you will have the opportunity to see who’s waiting outside.
    • • Why do you need them? - Every homeowner is concerned about safety to a great extent. However, some of them aren’t aware of the significance of video door phones. Here are some reasons to help them comprehend the importance of smart home devices!
    • • Home Safety - You may have many visitors at your doorstep, and safety of your home may be a concern for you. While you allow your family members and friends inside, you will not want somebody undesired to barge into your house. It’s right here that a video doorbell comes to the rescue. With inbuilt audio communication systems, this equipment will help you answer the visitor without opening the door.
    • • Smart Monitoring - How would you feel if somebody was there to look after your home even when you aren’t present? Well, video door phones ensure smart surveillance and home inspection. With motion-sensors, security systems, and viewing apps, these systems help you keep an eye 24X7 irrespective of the fact if you are physically present on the spot or not.
    • • Lucid Access - No matter where you are in your house, smart doorbells and video phones let you answer the door phone. All you need to do is take a look at your smartphone, and that will notify you about the person. If an undesirable person comes up at the door, you can simply ignore the bell or ask the person to leave the premises.
    • • Connected and Smart Homes - Your video door phone is not only to help you open the doors. It also integrates with your existing home security systems making home monitoring easier than ever. Even while you are away, your friends and relatives can enter seamlessly.

    What is a Video Door Phones ?

    • Video Door Phones are intercom systems that are used to make calls from the entrance of a building so as to communicate with visitors without any physical interaction and engage with them only if you wish to. Video Door Phones not only increase home security, when integrated with the home automation system but also are of great convenience. If the Video Door Phones have a remote control it makes moving around convenient.
  • Video Door Phone’s are usually integrated with Access Control Systems. This is to allow access to certain authorized users with the help of cards, fingerprint sensors, keypad for pin numbers and Bluetooth. Video Door Phones should be potential enough to integrate with all the systems including- Access Control systems, Home Automation systems, Alarm systems etc
  • Wireless Video Door Phone Systems.:

    • • Wireless video door phones are more convenient than the normal video door phones. Users these days prefer the wireless phones more than the normal ones. . It is easy to install and use these technologies or connect to them if they are capable of a wireless connection. The absence of wires would be a welcome sight; especially if you plan to keep your security technologies hidden. They allow people to communicate via radio waves.




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