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We provide Biometric Door Access Control installation services near IMT Manesar. We are currently dealing in Biometric Attendance System, CCTV Cameras, Video Door Phone, Door Access Control System Security equipment and products for intallation, repair and mentainance at ReoTech near IMT Manesar at ReoTech.IN .

If you want to install Door Access Control Device at your Office, Building, Shoping Complex, Banks, Government Offices, Commercial Premises, Colleges, Schools, Industries. Hotel, PG, Parking lot, Construstion Site, Clinic, Banks, Government Offices, Commercial Premises, Colleges, Schools and Industries. Near IMT Manesar, We will give our best service for your Biometric Machine and Security installation

Multi Door Access Control InBio 460
Best Price Multi Door Access Control InBio 460 Best Price IP-based Door Access Control Panel C3-400
Best Price Multi Door Access Control InBio 460
Best Price IP-based Door Access Control Panel C3-400
Web-based Access Control System
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Finger+Card with Auto Push Technology
essl k30 price essl x990 Realtime Biometric Price 5,500 - Rs. 13,500
eSSL Biometric Price 6,500 - Rs. 17,500
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Door Access Control System Repairing Services IMT Manesar

  • Professional Biometric Door Access control System Technicians And Services IMT Manesar :
  • At ReoTech - We have group of expirienced staff and technicians in IMT Manesar IMT Manesar.
  • We are dealing in range of Biometric Door Access Control System Security Products in IMT Manesar.

Biometric Door access Control System Service Provider Near IMT Manesar

  • Various Valuable Biometric Door Access Control System and Security Brands :
  • We deal in various Biometric Door Access Control System Brands Near IMT Manesar.
  • Our Major Biometric Door Access Control System Brands are :- eSSL, Realtime, CP Plus, Hikvision, Mantra, Secureye, Matrix, Zkteco, Biomax, Zicom,

Door Access Control System Installation Price IMT Manesar

  • Different types of Biometric Door Access Control System And Security Products We Deal IMT Manesar :
  • We Deal Lowest Price Range of Biometric Door Access Control System types based in the demand of customers and place of Door Access Contrl System installation near IMT Manesar.
  • Thumb Punching Attendance Door Access Control Sytem :
  • Fingerprint Scanner Biometric Door Access Control System :
  • Face Reader Door Access Control Machine :
  • Card Based Door Access Control Device :
Face Attendance Machine
essl face biometric price realtime face attendance system price essl iface biometrice price realtime face scenar biometric iface302 biometric price Realtime Face Biometric Price 7,500 - Rs. 25,500
eSSL Face Biometric Price 14,500 - rs. 30,500
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CP Plus, HikVision Turbo HD - 2 MP
cp plus cameras setup price
2 Cameras Price 9,500 - Rs. 13,500
4 Cameras Price 13,500 - Rs. 17,500
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Door Access Control System Repair Installation Charge in IMT Manesar

  • Biometric Door access Control System IMT Manesar Gurugram Distributor Attendance Tracking System, Attendance Management System, Attendance Door Access Control System Installation Service in IMT Manesar,
Biometric Installation Charge
biometric machine installation price Attendance Machine Installation Price 1,000 - Rs. 2,500
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CCTV Cameras Installation Charge
cctv cameras installation price
1 Cameras Installation Price 400 - Rs. 600
2 Cameras Installation Price 700 - Rs. 1,000
4 Cameras Installation Price 1,200 - Rs. 2,000
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  • *Reo Tech Service Provider brings to you the best Biometric DOOR ACCESS CONTROL Device options & Installation services in IMT Manesar,
  • *We offer you a wide range of security solutions – Door Lock System, CCTV, IP Camera, DVR, Web based Access control, Audio door phone systems, digital keypad door locks and many more as per your requirements.

More Information About Access Control System

Biometric access control systems can be used for both door access control and employees attendance counting. You can install biometric machine with lock in which only authorized person can enter office and while entry he will puch so attendance can be recorded. You can find multiple solutions for attendance cum door access control system.

1. Access Control System Using Push Button: In this solution, door access machine is installed on entry side and steel push button will be installed on exit side. when the authorized person enter, he will punch in the machines and press button while going out. A software will be used access the data of machine and generate reports. this solutions only show details of entry only.

2. Access Control System With Exit Reader: In this solution, door access machine is installed with exit reader on entry and exit side respectively. When the authorized person puch rhe machine, the door will open and close. Same, when the person want to go out he or she need to puch his finger or card, so it will be recorded how many time that user go out and come back. It can help us in collecting data of his presence in working place and outside.

3. Multi Door Access Control System: This system is centrally operated software based system in which you can control the complete access system of different sections in your office, school and factory. You will also get the complete report about any person where he is going and how many times. You can also restrict persons to go some specific sections.

Visitor Management System?

You want to keep complete record about people who visitng your office, home, school or factory. You can find multiple kind of visitor management solution using different methods like biometrics, fingerprints, cards, rfid sensors. You can also apply this for vehicle management system using RFID Tags.

This is combination of attendance devices and access control locks in which first you authorize each entry and then access can be granted. Mostly used in hotels, offices, factory and parking.

You can control complete management using visitor management software, which keep track on timing properly error free.

Elevator Access Control Systems?

Elevators run on high power and using access control system is the best to save unwanted visits using your lift. You can multiple kind of elevator access solution using fingerprint, card, face recognition. Three type of solutions can be developed in elevator control system.

1. Only authorized people can call for Lift: In this solution, elevator access control device will be installed outside in lift lobby where only authorized person can call life down to the lobby. after entryinh lift, he can go to any floor.

2. Only authorized person can go to some floor: In this solution, Any person can call lift in lift lobby, but after entering lift only authorized person can run the lift otherwise it will stay on lobby. So anyone can call lobby, but only authorized can move lift up.

3. Only authorized can call or move life: In this solution access unit will be installed on both side of elevator, so that only authorized person access can be accpeted and lift take action.

Differnent Types Of Access Control Systems?

Biometric Access Control System: Biometric Access Control Machines works with fingerprint punching, face recognition, IRIS scanning to the deivce to open the door. This type of access control solutions are more trusted over card punching access systems.

Card Punching Access Control System: You can use smart card, rfid card, proximity card, mifare card as your ID card and punch it to the access control deivce to identify your autuntication, the door will open if you are using the right card combination.

Single Door Access Control System: Standalone card based of biometric based devices are used for single door access also known as attendance cum access control system in which emplyees incoming and outgoing data will be recorder to generate attendance reports.

Multidoor Access Control System: Multi door access controller are applies in factories, manufacturing units and large corporates where role based access control system configured for different sections to avoid unwated or restricted entries.

Parking Management System: Vehicle Access Control and Management System is used for toll plazas, shopping mall parking to count the timing of parking and authorization. Vehicle access control systems is applied with road barriers.

Residential Access Control Systems: Access control for gated communities is used to secure society from unwated elements and also preventing from some incident. Only society people can use their accessories and can monitor unwated activities.

GYM Access Control System: GYM Management Software with Door Lock is used to monitor enrolled trainee subscription. it can help you to restrict trainee in their time slot so that crowd can be controlled. GYM Entry system in very popular solution.

Hotel Access Control System: Access Control Locks for Hotel rooms are used in which you will hand over the key to visitor so that no other can enter that room without authorization and can also monitor the movement of guest in hotel area.

Elevator Access Control System: Access Control For Lift is used to restrict unauthorized people from using elevator, as elevator consumes high power and maintenance so you can use access system to control it for related people.

Visitor Management System: Access control systems also used as visitor management, as you can keep complete record of people visiting your location and restrict them to some specific areas which are only for some peole or special zones.

Advantages of Using Biometric Attendance System Works

  • There are so many advantages of using biometric attendance system works. Read below how biometric system can be beneficial for your organization and advantages of using it are
  • Installation system of biometric attendance system is easy.
  • Biometric time attendance system works very quickly and its user interface is very friendly.
  • Biometric attendance system stops buddy punching like cards or PIN passwords.
  • Accuracy rate of the biometrics attendance system is very high.
  • Finger print scanner equipment is inexpensive.
  • No one can fake or create replica your finger prints.
  • Employees can miss or forget his/her attendance cards, but not the finger.
  • Employees don’t need to remember long PIN, passwords and patterns.
  • Attendance by biometric finger scanner is fast process it hardly take 1 to 5 seconds only.
  • Attendance by biometric scanner gives you always accurate data record.
  • Biometric attendance system can easily reject an unauthorized person within no time.
  • Companies with the help of biometric attendance system can check worker clock in and clock out time.
  • Attendance system can manage a number of employee attendance data efficiently.
  • Biometric attendance system control over timing hours of employees.
  • System helps you to control labor cost by reducing over payments.
  • You don’t need to calculate separately vacation, sick leaves and extra timing hours.
  • Biometric attendance system reduces manually data entry errors.
  • Festivals, holidays and leave management is cool and simple.
  • Biometric attendance system works take less than 5 seconds to recognize authorized person.

Extra Features Of Access Control Machines

Type Of Access Control System



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